On December 1980, 12, Rev. Youngheon Kim and 21 Koreans held a service at Cherokee United Methodist Church to establish “Charleston Korean United Methodist Church” as the moderator of Supervisor Roy M. Stockman. 18 The church located at Success Street was purchased in 1816 and worship was held. After that, the 1985nd Pastor Park Ki-seok (2), the 1992rd Korean Unification Pastor (3), the 1994th Pastor Huh Do-beom (4), and The 2000th Pastor Yeontaek Bae (5 – present) has been appointed.

On August 2005, 8, the construction of the new temple was completed at 14 Shadow Lane and a thanksgiving service was held.

Charleston Korean United Methodist Church is a church of God that invites neighbors to teach the word of God, train them as disciples of Christ, and send them out into the world to become the people of God who fulfill their missionary mission.

We have a special interest in the happiness and mission of bicultural families, and we pray together for this. In addition, it is a community of love that clearly believes in salvation through faith in Christ and shares the love of Christ with the hope of resurrection. It is a church that strives to become a disciple of Christ who waits for the coming of Christ, looks at the reward of the crown, and serves faithfully.