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Church News

8monthly meeting & Event Schedule in August

¶ Face-to-face worship quarantine rules: 1) Mandatory: Wearing a mask,2) Recommended: Hand washing and distancing (if you have symptoms, self-isolate for 2 weeks)

¶ The first week of every month is held as a united worship service for all members of the church.

¶ On the first week of every month, there is an executive prayer meeting after fellowship. (nave)

¶ The Wednesday morning worship service will resume from August 8th. (School meetings will also be resumed.)

¶ August 8th, Word Workers' Meeting (after the early morning service on Saturday)

¶ [Notice of Board of Directors] An executive meeting is held on the afternoon of the last Sunday of every month.

- welcome you Welcome! -

A special welcome to newcomers & visitors

▲Thanks and congratulations – You have successfully completed the seminar related to the denomination.

▲Prayer – For the spiritual/physical strength of the church members

- For denominations and churches

– for a sequel

▲[Property Management Committee] – Return and reissue the church entrance key (during June-July)

▲The church's YouTube channel is being moved/changed. (Check and Subscribe)

▲ Senior Pastor's Sympathy: Vacation July 7 – August 25

Indochina Visit to Dallas for Revival (August 8 – 19)

▲ Table of Love – Volunteer Department

2022 Church Council
Lay Representative: Kang Yun-sook

Lay Banquet Representative: Kim Min-guk/ (Alternative: Lee Eun-young)

Executive Chairman: Hwang Geum-soon,

Executive Board Clerk: Jeong Cheol-ui

Regional Selection Committee: Senior Pastor

Property Management Committee: Daewang Kim

Pastoral Cooperation Committee: Eunyoung Lee

Finance Committee: Kang Yun-sook

(Financial secretary: Boram Kim, Accountant: Doah Kim)

Worship Committee: Kim Min-guk

Board of Education: Kim Soo-jung

Service Department: Kwon Kwon-hee

Mission: Tabitha/ Hannah/

Mary/Gideon Mission President and

Delegate (with the right to participate and vote in the executive committee)

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