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Sunday Advertisement (June 7)

Church News

7monthly meeting & Event Schedule in July

¶ Face-to-face worship quarantine rules: 1) Mandatory: Wearing a mask,2) Recommended: Hand washing and distancing (if you have symptoms, self-isolate for 2 weeks)

¶ We have a united worship service on the first week of every month.

¶ July, Wednesday morning worship service and class break

¶ July 7, 24nd quarter executive meeting (after fellowship, at 2pm in the parish)

After the second quarter meeting for each committee, please report to the executive committee.

(After checking the number of members of the executive meeting, all attend.)

- welcome you Welcome! -

A special welcome to newcomers & visitors

▲Thanks and congratulations – You have successfully completed the seminar related to the denomination.

▲Prayer – For the spiritual/physical strength of the church members

- For denominations and churches

– To organize a class meeting

– Kim Min-guk/Kim Su-jeong (Sehyun/Gina) – Joo Joo (Vermont)

▲[Nomination Committee] For fellowship, we gather in the conference room.

▲[Property Management Committee] – Return and reissue the church entrance key (during June-July)

▲The church's YouTube channel is being moved/changed. (Check and Subscribe)

▲ Senior Pastor's Sympathy: Vacation July 7 – August 25

▲The Table of Love – Moon Soon-ae, Lee Eun-young // Kang Dan-heon-hwa – Kang Yoon-sook/ Son Mimi

2022 Church Council

Lay Representative: Kang Yun-sook

Lay Banquet Representative: Kim Min-guk/ (Alternative: Lee Eun-young)

Executive Chairman: Hwang Geum-soon,

Executive Board Clerk: Jeong Cheol-ui

Regional Selection Committee: Senior Pastor

Property Management Committee: Daewang Kim

Pastoral Cooperation Committee: Eunyoung Lee

Finance Committee: Kang Yun-sook

(Financial secretary: Kim Bo-ram, Accounting: Kim Do-ah/Kim Hye-jin)

Worship Committee: Kim Min-guk

Board of Education: Kim Soo-jung

Service Department: Kwon Kwon-hee

Mission: Tabitha/ Hannah/

Mary/Gideon Mission President and

Delegate (with the right to participate and vote in the executive committee)

Advertisements and events by each committee in 2022

[Property Management Committee] – Tidy up trees and repair walls around the church

[Correspondence Committee] – Job Seeking) Associate Pastor and Church Administrative Clerk

[Service Department] If you want to serve the table of love, please apply.

[Education Committee] –

[Worship Committee] We are recruiting worship members and choir members.

[Nomination Committee] After worship on July 7, during fellowship, in the conference room

Education for the Ministry of Spirits – starting in September

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