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Church News

7monthly meeting & Event Schedule in July

¶ Face-to-face worship quarantine rules: 1) Required issues: wearing a mask,

2) Recommendation: hand washing and distancing (if you have symptoms, self-isolate for 2 weeks)

¶ We have a united worship service on the first week of every month.

¶ July, Wednesday morning worship service and class break

¶ Denomination-related seminars: (Lecturer: Rev. Gye-Hwan Ryu, General Secretary of the Korean American General Assembly & the Korean Federation of Korean Missions) – Please refer to the schedule inside the bulletin.

¶ July 7, 24nd quarter executive meeting (after fellowship, at 2pm in the parish)

After the second quarter meeting for each committee, please report to the executive committee.

- welcome you Welcome! -

A special welcome to newcomers & visitors


▲Thanks and congratulations – The High and High School Union Retreat was successfully completed with grace.

▲Prayer – For the spiritual and physical strength of the church members

– Jeong Jong-hee Kwon / Yoon Mi-ja butler

– For the physical and mental strength of students participating in the Junior High School Association Retreat

– Butler Lee In-deok – For a new workplace

(July 7 at 18am, church at 12:11am – changed)

▲[Property Management Committee] – Return and reissue the church entrance key (during June-July)

▲The church's YouTube channel is being moved/changed. (Check and Subscribe)

▲ Senior Pastor's Sympathy: Vacation July 7 – August 25

▲The Table of Love – KM Youth // Kang Dan Heonhwa – Kang Yun-suk / Hwang Geum-soon


Church-related seminars  (Lecturer: Pastor Gye-Hwan Ryu)  
July 7th, Sat (16:7 pm) – Executive meeting (including delegates)
July 7th, Sunday (17pm) – Seminar for all students

Pastor Ryu Gye-hwan
Editor, <To the Hill of Joy>, a collection of sermons
Korean General Assembly / Nehemiah Movement Mission Director (2017~Present),
10 years of ministry in American congregations, 10 years of ministry in Korean churches

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