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Church News

6monthly meeting & Event Schedule in June

¶ Face-to-face worship quarantine rules: 1) Required: Wearing a mask, 2) Recommended: Hand washing and distancing (if you have symptoms, self-isolate for 2 weeks)¶ We hold a united worship service the first week of every month.¶ Open Small Group ) – This will be in effect until June.

– 12nd week (26th) & 1th (XNUMXth) – Face-to-face (after fellowship, XNUMX o’clock)

– In July, the class meeting is a vacation.

¶ July, Wednesday morning worship break

QT Conference (8-10 days) and denomination-related seminars (for all students, 17 days)

- welcome you Welcome! -

A special welcome to newcomers & visitors

▲Thanks and congratulations

Thank you for praying for Summer Bible School.

Graduates in 2022 – Kim Aron (K), Kim Tae-hoon (4th), Bae Ha-young (k), Kim Jina (8th)

▲Prayer – For the spiritual and physical strength of the church members

– Please pray for the middle and high school summer retreat. (7/11 – 14)

(Please fill out the application form in google form,

Please submit parental consent in writing)

– Please pay the donation and participation fee for the retreat.

▲[Advertising each committee] – Please refer to the inside of the bulletin.

[Property Management Committee] – Return and reissue the church door key (during June-July)

▲The church's YouTube channel is being moved/changed. (Check and Subscribe)

▲ Table of Love – General Women’s Missionary Church

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