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Weekly Ads (January 5)

Church News

5monthly meeting & Event Schedule in May

¶ Face-to-face worship quarantine rules: 1) Mandatory: Wearing a mask,2) Recommended: Hand washing and distancing (if you have symptoms, self-isolate for 2 weeks)

¶ We have a united worship service on the first week of every month.

¶Opened Small Group - Only until June.

XNUMXnd week of every month (in the fellowship room) & XNUMXth week (by Zoom)

There is no class meeting in July. (Vacation)

¶March 3-May 30: Direct Training [Deaconess] – 5 weeks, Wednesday evening at 25:6

- welcome you Welcome! -

A special welcome to newcomers & visitors

▲Thanks and congratulations

I would like to thank the male alumni who served in fellowship last week in commemoration of Mother's Day.

Thank you for participating in the cleanup of the church environment on the 5th of May by the Property Management Committee.

▲Prayer – For the spiritual and physical strength of the church members

– Please pray for Summer Bible School (VBS). (6/12 – 14)

– Please pray for the middle and high school summer retreat. (7/11 – 14)

▲The Table of Love – Maria

Advertisements and events by each committee in 2022

[Property Management Committee] – Tidy up trees and repair walls around the church

[Correspondence Committee] – Job Seeking) Associate Pastor and Church Administrative Clerk

[Service Department] Fellowship after worship, starting on 4/17

[Education Committee] Summer Bible School (6/12-14, at this church)

Secondary School Retreat (7/11-14, at Epworth by the sea, GA)

[Worship Committee] We are recruiting worship members and choir members.

[Nomination Committee] We meet after worship on the first week of every month from May.

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