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Weekly Ads (January 5)

Church News

5monthly meeting & Event Schedule in May

¶ Face-to-face worship quarantine rules: 1) Mandatory: Wearing a mask,2) Recommended: Hand washing and distancing (if you have symptoms, self-isolate for 2 weeks)

¶Opened Small Group - Only until June.

XNUMXnd week of every month (in the fellowship room) & XNUMXth week (by Zoom)

¶March 3-May 30: Direct Training [Deaconess] – 5 weeks, Wednesday evening at 25:6

(I ask for your understanding. Changed the date of direct training - we will resume from May 5th.)

¶ Starting in May, we worship together on the first week of every month.

¶ On May 5st, the District Nomination Committee will have a meeting. (during fellowship at meeting room)

- welcome you Welcome! -

A special welcome to newcomers & visitors

▲Thanks and congratulations

– Thank you for your prayers for the Annual General Meeting of the Korean Kyokyo Association.

▲Prayer – For the spiritual and physical strength of the church members

▲[Worship Committee] – Volunteers to set up worship together (To the Worship Chairman)

Worship and Volunteer Service – Please refer to [Consecration Committee, Table of Love, Fellowship Prayer, etc.].

If you would like to serve with praise, please join the choir (choir leader)

▲ EM Advertisement: Those who wish to participate in Habitat for Humanity volunteering

May 7th, 8:30AM to 12:00PM – Contact Paul Kim.

(Address: 1904 Redwood St. North Charleston, SC 29406)

▲Pulpit flower arrangement – ​​Kang Yun-suk/Moon Eun-sook // Table of Love – Hanna Missionary Church

Advertisements and events by each committee in 2022

[Property Management Committee] – Tidy up trees and repair walls around the church

[Correspondence Committee] – Job Seeking) Associate Pastor and Church Administrative Clerk

[Service Department] Fellowship after worship, starting on 4/17

[Education Committee] Summer Bible School (6/12-14, at this church)

Secondary School Retreat (7/11-14, at Epworth by the sea, GA)

[Worship Committee] We are recruiting worship members and choir members.

Education for the Divine Spirit Position – This is compulsory education for all the target students (6 weeks education) and office holders.

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