Charleston Korean United Methodist Church is a church of God that invites the community to learn the word of God, train to be disciples of Christ, and be sent into the world as people of God to fulfill the mission of the missionaries.
We have a special interest in the happiness and mission of our bi-cultural family and together we pray for this sake. We believe with complete certainty that salvation can be obtained through faith in Christ, we hope to revive the love of the community by sharing Christ’s love, and the gospel of Christ through community missions. While waiting for the descent of Christ, loyal servants and disciples of Christ will surely be rewarded with the kingdom of Heaven.


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  • 주일 광고 (1월 17일)

    교  회   소  식 (Announcement) ¶새해 기도: 2021년 신년 특새 기간을 통해서 얻으신 기도제목을 나누어 주세요. ¶ 전교인 대상, 온라인 청지기 훈련  [연합감리교회 한인교회총회 주관]...

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  • 주일 광고 (1월 10일)

    교  회   소  식 (Announcement) ¶  2021년 교회의 표어, “믿음의 선한 싸움을 하는 교회” (딤전 6:12) ¶새해 기도: 2021년 신년 특새 기간을 통해서 얻으신 기도제목을...

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  • Weekly Ads (January 3)

    Announcement ¶ 2021 Church's best name, "Church of Good Faith Fight" (1 Timothy 6:12) ¶ Special United DawnIng Church with Chinese Churches at the United Methodist Conference...

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